About the GxP Cloud Compliance Summit

As pharmaceutical companies adapt to growing industry pressures and the FDA update their guidance on CSV, cloud computing continues to emerge as a major tool to help life science companies increase operational efficiency, enhance information transparency, and facilitate innovation across the entire product development value chain.

However, despite the operational advantages of leveraging cloud technology, what are the key considerations life science companies should take to assess whether cloud migration is suitable for their GxP regulated applications?

Built alongside compliance, QA/Systems Validation, regulatory and IT security experts within the pharmaceutical industry, the inaugural GxP Cloud Compliance Summit 2021 will look to unite life science IT professionals with leading cloud providers, auditors, and industry regulators to provide you with strategic and technical guidance on overcoming the key barriers of cloud adoption, successfully auditing and implementing a custom infrastructure, and maintaining overall regulatory compliance for your GxP applications.

As cloud computing promises increased organisational engagement, efficiency and innovation across the life science industry, join the GxP Cloud Computing Summit 2021 to receive industry led insights and forge new connections.

This year’s conversation focussed on three key areas:

Cloud 1

1. Regulatory Compliance & Systems Validation

How are global regulatory bodies reviewing cloud applications to ensure GxP compliance and provide the industry with clear roadmaps for enterprise adoption?

Cloud 2

2. Data Security, Integrity & Standards

What measures are in place to evaluate the risk of cloud applications including information security and industry-wide data standards?

Cloud 3

3. Cloud Diligence, Deployment & Implementation

How have pharmaceutical organizations collaborated with cloud providers to implement the right solution for them, based on organisational structure, data demands and stage of development?