2023 Partners


USDM Life Sciences

Lead Partner

At USDM, our purpose is to bring clarity and action to the interplay of technology
and regulations to help life sciences companies deliver trailblazing outcomes. We
help our customers utilize cutting-edge technology to accelerate innovation and
increase their speed to market and while ensuring continuous compliance and
patient safety.



Validated Cloud

Expertise Partner

Validated Cloud is the premiere GxP Community Cloud for FDA/EMA/MHRA regulated data and applications. We provide an audit-ready fully compliant infrastructure and provide fully qualified servers ready for validated application installation. Validated Cloud allows our community to forego spending time on burdensome qualification activities and ongoing support of platforms, backups, security, and similar ongoing IT tasks. By taking on these time-consuming tasks, Validated Cloud frees our community's Quality and IT departments to focus elsewhere. With Validated Cloud, your company can start at the finish line.




Hosting Partner

Sware is a healthcare and life sciences regulatory technology company
addressing a vital unmet need: an enterprise-wide compliance engine that
allows companies to successfully and easily navigate validation of GxP systems.
Sware’s validation platform Res_Q is an easy-to-use solution that is purposebuilt,
cost-efficient, and, always audit-ready. Res_Q automates, integrates,
and scales compliance processes across organizations – enabling painless
adoption of technologies for life sciences and medical device companies. With
Res_Q, you can ensure consistency in compliance across your organization and
reside in a state of audit readiness.